BeKitzur solutions are built on top of modern and popular open source technologies

Kafka, Spark, Storm, Hadoop, StreamSets, Parse

Our experts have built dozens of BigData Streaming Platforms and data-driven businesses with slick Mobile & Web apps.
We actively share our knowledge, contribute to open-source projects, and invest all our expertise into our client’s products.

Data Integration Framework

Connect to Anything. Process in Real-Time. Alter Anytime.

The fastest way to set up a data connector to streaming, logs, APIs or DB based data sources and use visual tools to manage all the cleansing, transformation and data quality rules. High-scale in memory fast data processing acquires the data and pushes it farther to Kafka, Spark, Hadoop based processing pipeline.

Production ready connectors to popular data sources: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Intuit, etc…

  • Pull, Stream, APIs, DBs,
  • Rules visual editor
  • Highly scalable
  • Low latency
  • Open Source
  • Designed for Streaming Data
  • ML modeling infrastructure
  • Highly scalable

BIG is a collection of the best-in-class open source components based on the Lambda architecture. We have tuned and tamed all the components to seamlessly work together. BIG is a tested base for data platform start-ups, and the right solution to upgrade slow legacy OLAP data pipelines and make modern enterprises ready to process real-time data and deploy integrate ML models into the existing business.

  • Kafka
  • Spark
  • Flume
  • Storm
  • Hadoop

Parse Server

Apps backend. Tested by 1000’s live businesses.

Scalable and flexible application backend with production ready components to support modern mobile and web applications. Parse was developed at Facebook as an open source project to support a growing number of FB and 3rd party apps. We continue to develop new features and management tools on top of this well tested open source solution.

Parse helps to quickly assemble many types of social, e-commerce, media and marketplace apps.

  • Production ready
  • Mobile and Web backends
  • Social, Notifications, eCommerce
  • Admins and Operators Tools
  • Cross-Platform iOS/Android/WinPhone/Mac/Win
  • Local data-store for offline use
  • Easily connect with existing backend
  • Quick integration with popular CRM and ERP systems
  • Open-Source

Enterprise Mobile

Battle-tested framework for quickly assembling robust CRM and ERP type native mobile apps.

Our solution is based on RhoMobile Suite – an open-source framework and tools for creating robust  data-centric, cross-platform, native mobile enterprise applications. This solution is widely used by 100s of CRM and ERP type apps. It has been chosen by Motorolla Solutions as a premier enterprise mobile solution for all their big clients and partners. Rhomobile Studio is an open-source project with a vibrant community of developers who develop new features, support new versions of mobile OSs and provide support for existing apps.

Rhomobile also features a solid backend connectors framework allowing to quickly connect to existing systems and popular 3rd party ERP & CRM type services from Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft and other vendors.

BeKitzur partners with Tau-Technologies to contribute to Rhomobile Open-Source project and provide end-to-end enterprise mobile development and support services.

Owned Analytics

Like Google Analytics but completely yours!

Our analytics solution is based on Piwik, an open analytics platform currently used by thousands of companies and government organizations all over the world. It is a comprehensive open-source contender to Google Analytics that provides hundreds of pre-built tracking and analytics tools and guarantees a full ownership of your users and business data. BeKitzur has successfully incorporated this analytics solution in many of our clients’ platforms and SaaS based business.

  • No data limits
  • Web and Mobile dashboards
  • Audience profiling
  • Visitors funnel
  • Resource usage tracking

With over two years of continuous development, Bekitzur Dashboard Theme has evolved and innovated by listening to the current trends and all our users feedback.

Today, Bekitzur Dashboard Theme is a wise choice that powers small businesses to large enterprises for all their web applications: custom admin panels, admin dashboards, eCommerce backends, CMS, CRM, SAAS.

  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • D3
  • LESS
  • Bower & Grunt

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