Experts in building mobile multiplayer games, our team has developed all the needed components and services to quickly produce chat, messenger and multiplayer games apps for iPhone, Android and HTML5 platforms.

Our solutions handle both multiplayer asynchronous games like ‘Draw Something‘ or ’Hanging with Friends‘ where users execute moves, toggle games and resume play, and synchronous or live multiplayer games like ‘Real Racing’, ’Eliminate’ or any sport game where users can compete in real-time online.

These various game components, including multiplayer and matchmaking, are built on a super fast Node with JS programming language and powerful NoSQL MongoDB that can scale to support millions of concurrent users. Games are built on the same technology as all famous Zynga games. All games include an administration panel to fine tune and optimize matchmaking, viral components and monetize settings daily without releasing a new version to the AppStores. All Admins are designed for business managers and analysts to manage games upon released into the marketplace.

Pre-built, well-tested gaming features


Users can play as guests or login with credentials of their choosing. User data is pulled from SN to populate profile fields.


Users invite multiple friends to engage in multiplayer game play.


Users create a new game by inviting friends, selecting interest pools or letting the system make a match. Players may utilize the popular ‘Pick Me‘ feature letting the game connect the user with a new player or players.

Play hundreds of games

Invite multiple players. The possibilities are endless. Users can play multiple games simultaneously. The user’s Game List includes all current games with status and actions.


The system automatically finds a match based on dozens of criteria including rating, location and user profile information. Matchmaking guarantees a match in 15 seconds. Matches will either be another online user or a virtual player.

Robots that act, play and look like humans

When no match is found a virtual robot jumps into the game to entertain your users and populate your game community.

Virtual Goods

Define virtual currencies, goods and power-ups. Sell packages for real currency and reward users.

Ratings & Leaderboards

Each player has a leaderboard that is location, level and friends-circle based with the user at the top. Dozens of rating systems supported.

Achievements & Awards

Give your players something to brag about and prolong game time with Achievements & Awards. A sophisticated game system with the flexibility to add and edit award criteria during the game.


Users bet on any event in the game. Whether you have a casino, sport or competitive game users bet against the system or between themselves on any event in the game that you define as ’Bettable”. This additional revenue stream yields a cut for the house.


Pull profiles from SNs and let users create and edit their own profiles. Add achievements, avatar items and other customizable features to display player’s successes and triumphs.


Add another revenue stream to your game. Place ads on multiplayer and matchmaking games as well as transitional pages. Pull ads from the AdNetwork or AdAggregator of your choice.


Game logs and stats are collected providing you with simple reports outlining all of the data of the game’s ecosystem.

Versions & Updates

Advanced version control system to manage game updates without releasing new versions to AppStores.

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