Live deployments


Nodes up and running


Petabytes of data processed

Built on the StreamSets
open source platform.

As active contributors to the open source project, we build our own advanced connectors and management tools to help our clients set up new data flows quickly.

Drag-n-drop visual editor lets you configure new data connections faster.

Dynamic data is the new norm in the agile world of fast-moving APIs and constantly shifting business requirements.

Now you can easily build new data connectors and change data cleansing/transformation rules – without depending on scarce engineering resources or big new projects budgets.

Get started right away, with dozens of ready-to-go connectors. preconfigured for popular APIs and data stores.

Our data engineering experts can quickly create additional components and logic to manage the data and business rules you need.

Add new data & transformation rules in minutes. Not weeks.

Stream or Batch

A powerful, modern data connector, designed to pull data from any source:

  • Logs
  • APIs
  • Streams
  • NoSql DBs
  • Kafka
  • Spark
  • Hadoop
  • Kinesis
  • S3
  • Redis
  • Rabbit MQ
  • FTP
  • UDP
  • MapR Streams

Pass data through the pipeline to Spark streaming or Flink processing, or store batch results on HDFS

  • Real-time monitoring and control of production data flows
  • Get real-time data flow statistics for every stage and rule
  • Add exception-handling rules, to re-process or recover from unexpected problems in source data

Fewer surprises! Stay ahead of any problem in the data pipeline

  • Built for the scale and agility that data-driven business demands
  • Set up automated alerts for any data drift, using sampling and threshold rules
  • Capture detailed metadata for continuous reports and analysis