Solve the software engineering bandwidth problem — once and for all

Quick hire, low cost, high retention, top-tier performance.

Your first technology bets have paid off with market success. Now, focus on revenue and customers while we build you the scalable product and IP that makes it possible.

SaaS Reference Architectures

Backed by deep skills and specialty consultancies

Turnkey SW Engineering

Managed Operational Excellence, Delivered

Your startup, their career

Top-tier performers motivated by sustained growth

The Problem

Your product development team is already executing at 120% to meet your current roadmap

New customers are awaiting new features. Investors want to see you deliver more than today’s MVP before they lead the next round. Can you hire and train fast enough?

Architecture refresh is easier said than done
Early bets made on process and infrastructure are becoming a drag on agility
Your local talent market is overheated
Does it really make sense to compete with global companies who give Teslas to new hires?
Fishing for freelancers is no longer an option
Adding more projects and more contractors is not adding up to more product success
The Solution

At Bekitzur, we think there’s a better way

Every Agile Growth Team we operate is designed and assembled to execute on your product goals. We seek out, hire and train startup-minded product and platform development specialists (and not just anyone who just happens to be on the bench) whose careers are tied to the success of your business.

B2B Customer Engineering
We make a long story short
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Next day ↑

Our CTO and architect team are analyzing current state of your systems, the future roadmap, and assigning key team members to put together the development infrastructure you need.

Next month →

You have a team up and running, delivering sprints and executing on the release roadmap, fully engaged with your product leadership and engineering management.

Next quarter ↗

With product deliverables pushed to production, your Bekitzur dev team is in full gear, delivering new features to market faster to win more customers for you and unlock growth

How we do it

We’ve worked with dozens of Silicon Valley startups getting them to the next level. Years of real-world experience have taught us what works and what doesn’t, so we can quickly understand what’s needed. We know how to get it right in the short term without derailing scalability for the long term. Our agile approach ensures we have the flexibility to respond with minimal friction as the needs of your market and customers change. And we haven’t met a client team we couldn’t help be more technology effective thanks to our hands-on technology expertise and our proven process discipline.

Agile Growth Team
Alex Ulyanov
CTO, Bekitzur

Key Agile Growth Team Features

Scrum/Agile Project Management

Increase quality of software deliverables, effectively anticipate and better manage project schedule and state.

Cloud Native Technology Adoption

Build out and migrate to a next-gen service mesh via containers and microservices on distributed multi-cloud infra.

Automation driven by Infrastructure as Code

Well-structured end-to-end automation and orchestration for stable, predictable operations and site reliability.

Unencumbered Intellectual property

Our team is an extension of your organization — retain full IP control, no strings attached.

Application and Database Refactoring

Optimize data costs and performance across cloud-based RDBMS, NoSQL, streaming, logging, and more.

AWS Certified skills & Best Practices

Expert application of validated cloud expertise with credentials backed by industry leaders.

Closed-loop Test Automation

Launch validation and test suites across applications and systems for continuous process improvement.

End-to-end Data Pipeline Infrastructure

Unlock built-in data potential of SaaS architecture: data ingest, scale-out processing, analytics, and machine learning.

B2B Enterprise SaaS Customer Onboarding

Set up, deploy and tune dedicated instances to deliver high-quality services to your enterprise B2B customers.

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