Teams to power Software Engineering 

Proven experience working with global clients at any scale – from Silicon Valley to anywhere on the planet.

Be ready for long-term growth: Build, operate and transfer.

In a software-driven business environment, product development has to keep up with product opportunity for long-run success. Our Strategic Software Development Center is a managed service that helps you build your engineering horsepower into a high-value asset. You get a proven approach that combines agility and maturity, focused on integration with your corporate culture across all parts of the planet.


Strategic Software Development Center

Rapid growth to global scale with solid foundations

Technical depth to execute on your customer and market opportunities

Packaged Services

Achieve seamless transparency

Optimize IP & process alignment with your internal dev, product, HR and exec teams.

Packaged Services

Recruit to drive solid retention

Build critical mass set up for you to roll over into your own global subsidiary

Packaged Services

Agile Growth Team: Build on market success

Proven SaaS reference architectures

Backed by deep skills and specialty consultancies

Packaged Services

Turnkey software engineering power

Managed operational excellence, delivered for scale and reliability

Packaged Services

Your startup, their career

Top-tier performers motivated by sustained growth help harness momentum

Packaged Services

Solve the product development bandwidth problem – for good.

Now that product-market-fit is in finally reach, stop fishing for a-la-carte freelancers. with our Agile Growth Team managed services offering, yopu can execute on the product and platform goals your customers and investors are looking for. You get an integrated, agile crew of devs expert whose careers are tied to your success.

Time to Engineer Better Faster Time-to-Market

It takes more than cranking code out to the cloud to get to across your MVP finish line. Product management. Design. Development. And real startup experience. Whether you need a CTO or are a CTO, our KickStart Managed Services for funded startups gets your product launched and architected for MVP – and beyond.


Kickstart your startup

Shift from product vision into execution

Get tech lead, project manager, UI/UX and developers at once

Packaged Services

Well-organized sprints build momentum

Get-it-done discipline and iterative delivery with the agility to handle the pivots

Packaged Services

Slick, launch-ready apps & platforms

Architected for customer acquisition, data integration, growth and scalability

Packaged Services

All our service packages include


Continuous integration, production monitoring, security, scalability & 24/7 support


User-centric, Iterative, responsive, modern UI/UX and visual design processes


From exploratory testing to automated test suites integrated with daily builds

Project Management

Oversight of product roadmap, sprints, Jira management, releases and team communications

CTO Guidance & Solution Architecture

Trusted guidance and strategic technical decision-making for all levels of product maturity

Software as a team sport

Coaching to keep tech staff motivated, curious, and driven by your company’s success


Searching, sourcing, and interviewing top experts who best fit your business

Office Management

Modern fully equipped, loft-style, secure office in a prestigious business center

Full Legal Support

Full adherence to local employment laws to secure your IP and build value

Accounting & Taxes

Complete coverage of local accounting standards and tax requirements

Onboarding & Provisioning

Purchase & maintenance of all development & test equipment along with local networks

Travel Arrangements

We’ll travel to your site, and gladly welcome your visits to the Development Center

All our service packages include

Web Development

Full-cycle software web development powerhouse

Mobile Development

Native & cross-platform mobile apps


SaaS & PaaS

Trusted leadership for robust system architecture & strategic technologies


Continuous integration, production monitoring, security, scalability & 24/7 support

Big Data

Unleash productivity for data scientists & analytics

Kickstart. Launch. Grow. Scale.
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