Bekitzur offers 3 engagement models, striking the balance between your expectations of involvement, timelines, and fitting your existing product and engineering organization.

Startup Package

From an original idea to MVP and product success

This package is designed for technical and non-technical startup co-founders who want to solve the need for development resources, once and for all.

We provide a mashup of product management, design, development and startup experience that will get your product to the market and bring your business to the next stage. Many talented founders with smart business models have a hard time finding tech co-founders and experienced developers. It is hard to compete with Facebook, Google, and Uber for software experts. Bekitzur has helped dozens of Silicon Valley startup founders fulfill their dreams.

Own Development Team

Quick hire, high retention, low cost, top performance

A set of strong and competent software engineers, QA, DevOps and project management specialists with prior experience in products and technologies needed for your business.

Bekitzur grows, hires and trains product development specialists whose careers are tied to the success of your business. Our development teams are tightly integrated into our clients’ businesses, and quickly become an invaluable acquisition asset.

Development Center Setup

Your brand. Your management. Bekitzur support.

ODC is the right solution for an established business who is ready to fully integrate the remote development team into the corporate structure, and establish its own brand on the Eastern European job market.

Bekitzur provides support for all the ODC administration, allowing the company and its new development department to concentrate on business tasks.