Experienced software engineering teams

Organize and uplevel product development

Silicon Valley startups and corporate innovators alike turned to us to build and run the teams that create, launch, and scale your software apps, your workloads, and your infrastructure. We deliver expertise and technical guidance you need — and tailor it for just the right amount of involvement, timelines, and fit with your existing product and engineering organizations. Choose from 3 service packages:

B2B Technical Customer Engineering Services

Platform integration and customization for your lighthouse accounts

Funnel real-world feedback and knowledge into your core product team, without diluting your core development focus. Our Technical Customer Engineering Services specializes in closing operational and technical gaps between your platform and real-world deployment. We blend the coding depth and agile workstyle of your core software team with technical project management and customer hand-holding.

Data Engineering & DataOps

Harness scale and automation for bigger, faster data

To ensure you can count on coherent and reliable data supply infrastructure, our Data Engineering and DataOps practice delivers a complete range of expert data services. We can create, integrate, operate, and maintain all your critical data pipelines. You get the DataOps muscle you need to drive more payoff from data science exploration, discovery, and modeling. Ensure you can meet the demands of users and your business no matter how much bigger or faster your data gets.

DevOps & Cloud Operations

Migration, workload lifecycle management, 24/7 Support

Our broad portfolio of managed services gives you the technical depth to harness cloud momentum. As AWS Advanced Consulting Partners, our experts help ramp up the utilization and cost-effectiveness and of your global compute, network, and storage infrastructure. It’s a proven cloud operations model that helps tame complexities. You can finally and lock in quality, security, and continuous production readiness &nsdash; and meet your goals for uptime, durability, and security.

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