We provide a mashup of product management, design, development and startup experience that will get your product to the market and bring your business to the next stage

Bekitzur helped dozens of Silicon Valley startups get their products to the market,
get funded and grow into successful businesses.

Get all the products you need in one place!

Responsive websites

Responsive websites

With a visual editor that lets you instantly change content and design elements

Slick mobile apps

Slick mobile apps

Built according to the latest Apple and Google design guidelines

Scalable backend

Scalable backend

Run on cloud infrastructure and ready to handle millions of users

Data startup

Data startup?

Streaming Data, ML Modeling, Kafka Spark, Hadoop and more solutions

Bekitzur instantly forms a team of software developers with the expertise needed to design and build your product

Rapidly build momentum

Speed is a startup’s greatest asset in success and failure. Don’t spend years drawing conclusions that can be easily gathered in 3—4 months. Without traction your pitching to investors begins to sound alarmingly like begging.

Get a solid team of experts

We assign experienced tech leads, who might know more than your tech, to run start-up projects. You will enjoy being surrounded by a proven hacker team who has been through the startup product cycle more than once

Iterate and test

We know that in start-ups the product direction will change many times and the system architecture needs to be robust and flexible enough to accommodate those changes. We constantly follow the market and use all of the latest technologies and infrastructure solutions.

Make the right bet

It is important to have a big and loyal technology powerhouse behind your back. When your business progresses you won’t need to worry about dev. resources. We can easily augment the team with any tech expertise, extend the product, and handle new clients

Many talented founders with smart business models have a hard time finding tech co-founders and experienced developers. It is hard to compete with Facebook, Google, and Uber for software experts. It is hard to hire, and it is twice as hard to manage and retain the top talents.

Time and Results—the only things that matter in high-tech business

  • Interim CTO
  • Sr. Software developer
  • Average start-up employee retention
  • Cool office to attract developers
  • Maintain healthy team dynamics
  • Maintain development process
  • Extend dev. team
  • Monthly dev. team run-rate
Do it on your own
Time: ? / Results: ?
  • 4m to hire, $15K+/m, 5%+ equity
  • 3m to hire, $10K+/m, 1%+ equity
  • 10 months
  • $10K/m
  • 20% execs time
  • 20% execs time
  • 16 weeks per employee to hire
  • $70K+
With Bekitzur
Time: 3 months / Results: MVP+
  • Included
  • Included
  • 4 years
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • 2 weeks per employee to hire
  • $25K

Popular engagement model for B2C startups

Down Payment
  • To lock all the resources for your startup team and start the race
6 months
Min. Commitment
  • Regardless of the product launch date which usually comes sooner
Of the Company
  • Done though the version of SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity)
Team BuildUp
To Handle the Growth
  • Ability to freeze the project & the team until the next round of investment

* All that is under 40% of the Silicon Valley cost.
You can really get your idea to market in 3 months.

How We Work?

Bekitzur has developed excellence and tested processes across all the areas of technology start-up development cycles.
We believe in slick responsive designs, scalable open-source solutions and automated testing.


Prototype & Roadmap


Product managers, UI/UX professionals, graphic designers, interim CTO.


Founders interviews, user stories, market research, competitive analysis.

Tools we use

Proto.io, Product Management Framework, Figma, Google Drive, WordPress CMS with Bekitzur responsive theme and integrated visual editor, etc.

You get
  • Interactive Prototype,
  • Mockups,
  • UI Kit,
  • Development Estimates,
  • Products Roadmap


Development Iterations


Product manager, engineering leads, software developers and QA professionals


Weekly sprints, test driven development, continues integrations, automated builds

Tools we use

Jira, Google Drive, TeamCity, Angular.JS, React, meanJS, Swift, Java, HTML5, CSS3, Selenium, Kafka, Spark, RabbitMQ, Hadoop/Pig, CassandraDB, MongoDB, AWS, etc.

You get
  • MVP on the Web
  • MVP in the App stores


Production Support & New Products Releases


DevOps, 24/7 IT Support, Product Manager, Engineering Leads, Software Developers and QA Professionals.


Bi-weekly sprints, test driven development, continues integrations, automated builds, production monitoring, user feedback reviews.

Tools we use

AWS, Pingdom, Jira, TeamCity, Appium, Selenium, UserTesting, etc.

You get
  • Running Business

Engagement Models

BeKitzur offers 3 engagement models, striking the balance between your expectations
of involvement, timelines, and fitting your existing product and engineering organization