Solve the engineering resources problem – once and for all.

Bekitzur assembles and operates agile software development teams. We hire and train startup-minded product and platform development specialists whose careers are tied to the success of your business.

Quick results with
proven long-term benefits

Get it all for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay in Silicon Valley.

TOP TALENTS. You can get the best software experts in Eastern Europe, fulfilling their dreams to work for a Valley startup.

Top-tier talent

Get the best software experts in Eastern Europe, fulfilling their dreams of working for a Silicon Valley startup.

Double expertise. Technology will never be your showstopper. You get our entire company’s expertise behind your business.

Expertise, 2x

Never let technology become a showstopper. Your business is backed by the expertise of our entire company.

Safe investment. Your team will have a lesser attrition than Google. Safely pass the knowledge and train your employees.

Safe investment

Your team will have lower attrition than Google. Safely pass on knowledge and keep your employees trained.

Own development center. You will be able to easily scale to serve new clients, conquer new markets, and add to the exit value.

Development Center Setup

Easily scale to serve new clients, conquer new markets, and add to your exit value.

Bekitzur’s Development Center Setup works best for established companies and funded startups who already have product and technical managers on board and are looking to quickly form a professional development team.

Product Development

Get a complete professional product development team with a proven track record. Your product and engineering leaders only need to define product scope and manage releases.

Client Instances

Signing new customers? Avoid constraints on growth. Draw on development and support pros who can: quickly learn your technology; set up and tune customer instances; and provide high-quality service to clients under your brand.

Partner Integrations

Pulling data from multiple data sources, or integrating your SDK into partner apps and devices are resource-consuming tasks that can distract your core team. Our integration team helps get your technology integrated everywhere.

Development Center Setup: Features and Benefits

Robust Processes

From day one, your team follows our well-established and well-tested development and release processes based on modern tools and practices like: Jira, Git, continuous integration, unit tests, automated testing and API check dashboards.

CTO as a service

Our senior developers and managers consult for you and your team on any technology questions, from defining your system architecture to planning for business growth. You’ll never lack for technical expertise.

Onsite Recruiting

Our full-time staff recruiters constantly screen Eastern European job markets and maintain a database of qualified candidates. They work closely with you and your team leads in selecting the exact fit for new openings in your team. We offer lucrative sign-on bonuses and relocation packages for top candidates.

HR Benefits

We hire only top professionals and operate in a highly competitive job market. In addition to supporting personal career growth for your staff, our HR managers track all labor market trends to create competitive benefits packages that guarantee long-term retention in your team.

Equipment provisioning

Laptops, servers, phones, test environments, and cloud infrastructure are purchased and provisioned for your team. All devices and infrastructure access are secured protected and monitored by our IT team.

Travel arrangements

Our professionals frequently travel to clients’ sites and we always welcome you to our beautiful office in Saint Petersburg. We take care of all travel arrangements, getting you to work in style.

Engagement Models

Choose from 3 engagement models and balance involvement, timelines, and fit with your existing product and engineering organization