Parks Information and Navigation Guides.

Complete SeaWorld Parks Information & Navigation Guide.

At a Glance

Sea World’s first official iPhone and Android app—specially designed for all three Sea World parks. A must have for any Sea World park visit!

We created the official Sea World Parks interactive guides for all three locations: San Diego, San Antonio and Orlando. This application helps visitors to navigate in the amusement parks, find the attractions restaurants, get detailed information about the events with to-the-minute wait times to maximize visitor’s visit and enjoyment.


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UI/UX/Visual Design
Production Release


Payment providers integration

Key Features

When creating Maps Guides for our clients, BeKitzur knows that the ultimate goal is making visitor’s time more efficient and fun, allowing users to get where they want to go faster and easier.

Park administrators can easily manage all the info
from a web-based ParkControlPanel and update in real-time

  • Park and Events Info calendar with operating hours, weather forecast and driving directions, all within the touch of a finger. Everything your visitor needs to make it to your place of business.
  • Logistics manage the attendees streams in real-time by marking events open and closed and manipulating wait-in-line times
  • Perks Provide Guide users with an in-application camera so they don’t have to leave the app to utilize this function and share the pictures with friends on SNs and email
  • Contact park visitors can ask operators any questions about the park
  • Coupons coupons and discounts for all attractions and restaurants to enjoy this Park visit and plan for the next visit

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