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Origami Logic provides a unified view of all your marketing campaigns performance from all the networks.

Global brands trust Origami Logic.

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Today’s marketers need a timely, accurate, and complete understanding of their marketing performance.

Top brands and agencies choose Origami Logic to collect, organize, and analyze millions of marketing signals across hundreds of different data sources, providing a deep, real-time understanding of what’s working and what’s not so that marketing teams can optimize on the fly and outperform the competition.


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Origami Logic Platform helps you manage marketing data that’s vast, varied, and constantly changing, by making it simple to:
  1. Collect & Refine

    Our marketing-specific data collectors are always on and always adapting, aggregating and normalizing data across many channels into a common view.

  2. Organize & Integrate

    Find all of your cross-channel content and campaign data in a single repository, and auto-tag campaign data in whatever way best suits your reporting needs.

  3. Activate & Optimize

    Build custom metrics and beautiful dashboards tailored to your team’s needs, intuitively search all your data, and receive automated notifications about anomolies and significant milestones.


It is easy to build a connector to one advertising network, like Facebook, using their APIs. It is much harder to maintain a stable streaming data connection to a network. The data formats and APIs constantly change, and a special attention need to be give to the quality and completeness of user generated data. OrigamiLogic need to maintain dozens of stable connections to the social and advertising networks; most of them have less technical expertise than Facebook and provide poor SLAs. In order to enable a unified view of all the campaigns a special connectors platform need to be built that applies different rules for each data source and bring different data formats to one set of conformed dimensions.

Our Approach

BeKitzur set a team of BigData experts who developed a connectors platform, and allowed to quickly develop connectors to many data sources. The platform can automatically adopt to source data format changes and  enable continuous service to the platform users. A special set of automated data quality tests was developed to insure the completeness and integrity of the acquired data. We continue working on improving the platform SLAs by introducing streaming data processing based on Kafka, Spark and StreamSets technologies for data sources providing data streams.


Origami Logic helps the world’s largest brands master the art and science of marketing performance.

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