Central usage metering component of GE-Predix platform

Tracking usage and subscription plans for million of apps, services and IoT devices. 

At a Glance

All services move to subscription based models when users subscribe to a certain usage plan. Every service provider has to have a system that measures service usage in real-time and compare it to the client current plan limitations.

GE Predix is Amazon AWS competitor designed to handle millions applications; those that run on the platform and those that use platform APIs, like millions of IoT devices. The usage metering component for such system should handle terabytes of data a day, process it in real-time and compare the usage to thousands of constantly changing usage plans.

The platform should also provide tools to service operators to define new usage plans and have constant access to usage data for customer service operations.






UI/UX design
Requirements management
BigData Platform Development
Data Mining
QA Manual
QA Automation



BeKitzur Approach

Our BigData professionals jointly with Nurego team designed a scalable data integration and processing system that is based on popular open source products like Kafka, Spark, Hadoop running on AWS and Predix platforms. We have also used StreamSets an easy DataIntegration tool with drag-n-drop visual editor that allows to quickly define new data pipelines and add pre-built data cleansing and transformation rules. We continue to extend the system with new features and monitor all production installations.


Within 6 months we have designed and developed a scalable solution that handles terabytes of daily data reporting usage form millions IoT devices. The system successfully operates as a central usage metering component of GE Predix platform.

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