Neurotech MOXO — cutting-edge diagnostics solution

Scalable and customizable service for running assessment tests in the cloud

At a Glance

Neurotech Solutions Ltd. is a start-up company that develops modern cloud-based software and services. Neurotech’s efforts are focused on research, evaluation, and improvement of human cognition and behavior, with a special emphasis on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
Having well-established and clinically validated expertise in assessment techniques, now company is focused on extending this approach to the human resources industry.
This challenge requires a lot of expertise in a variety of fields including UX, architecture and software design, and our company was happy to assist Neurotech Solutions at the very beginning of this ambitious project.


Healthcare / Analytics


UX design
Interface design
Full-stack web development


PHP (CakePHP framework)

The Challenge

The Neurotech MOXO Analytics platform is an innovative science-based and clinically validated system. The culmination of years of research now consolidated into an objective decision-support tool for the ADHD diagnosis and treatment process.
MOXO Analytics is the only clinical system that delivers comprehensive and measurable indices on each of the three components of ADHD diagnostics and care management: Developmental, cognitive and behavioral.
This well-established system needed to be optimized and refactored in order to meet performance and technology standards.
Nevertheless, any product in the healthcare industry should go through a long evaluation cycle in order to be approved for use so the core technology behind the testing should be kept intact.

Our Approach

To turn the Neurotech research findings into working product, Bekitzur set a team of UI/UX and web development experts with genuine interest in the medical testing field. This is an ongoing project, but the first product versions have already hit the market


The first product hit the market in 2 months after BeKitzur team took control. We are moving full speed and ahead of a schedule to allow Neurotech executive team to concentrate on the business and quickly conquer new markets and defining new product for HR field.

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