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Get immediate help on day-to-day legal problems with LAWya.

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Imagine legal assistance at the touch of a button. At some point, everyone needs legal help.

Whether that means putting together a formal legal document, divorce assistance, real estate deals or more complex business transactions, the LAWya marketplace is your go-to legal community. Comprised of legal content available 24/7.


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Core Features

  • Marketplace. LAWya brings together legal content and lawyers to those in need of legal help.
  • Legal Assistance. Get answers to your everyday legal situations with just a few clicks.
  • Cross-Platform. Content is available online, as well as in the AppStores.
  • In-depth Content. Provides free solutions for the most common legal situations that require assistance. All content falls under following six categories: Police, Work, Real Estate, Family, Vehicles and Letters. There are six sub-categories, each one leading to a ten-point checklist, all within two clicks.

LAWya is your pocket lawyer and problem solver. Get quick, reliable legal help for everyday life situation from a community of lawyers and problem solvers.

We are continuing to work with the LAWya team to expand the site and launch across three key markets: Israel, Russia and the United States.

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