Manage assets performance like never before

Krypton Cloud – unique cloud-based high-load platform for the industrial internet.

At a Glance

Krypton Cloud is a highly recognizable Silicon Valley startup company focused on freeing the engineers from 20 years-old legacy systems.

Krypton’s mission is to help industrial Operations and Maintenance teams learn from every data point. The company was built on a simple observation: the amount of industrial data companies are collecting is increasing exponentially with the proliferation of sensors and communications networks, yet their ability to process and learn from that data is not keeping up. Much of that valuable data is going unused, buried in disparate, siloed legacy systems that do not communicate with each other.

We believe there is a tremendous opportunity for new insights by bringing all of your O&M data together in one place, and delivering solutions that enable your organization to automatically learn from that data using advanced machine learning techniques. We deliver this solution to you in a form we call “Asset Intelligence as a Service.”


Industry / Analytics


UX Design
Full-stack web development
Production release & support


Web App

The Challenge

For most businesses, making sense of operations data is a big challenge. Asset history, real-time data, vendors, business metrics — operations keep getting more complicated and there’s no sign of a slowdown. Krypton helps you keep up.

Our Approach

  • Set scalable and high-load ready backend on Java/Scala
  • Store data in MongoDB and Cassandra databases
  • Build reliable and modern interface with AngularJS on front-end
  • Provide customisable reports and powerful insights to the uses


  • Unlock the performance of assets in a modern informative interface.
  • Identify issues faster and see everything real time in one place.
  • Set downtime to a possible minimum and foresee possible issues before they actually happen.

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