Industrial IoT Platform, Powered by Machine Learning Algorithms

Imantics enables Industry 4.0 with software solutions combining IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI

At a Glance

Imantics is predictive analytics platform for industrial machinery and IoT . The manufacturing industry is forecasted to spend trillions of dollars on IoT technology deployments. Imantics envisions a major inflection point in this market that will happen with the emergence of cognitive applications.

Imantics is leading this industrial transformation by building a strategic environment to derive valuable and actionable knowledge from machine data.




Industrial Machinery & Equipment


Requirements Analysis
Platform Architecture
BigData processing
Web Development
Project Management
ML Modeling


Data Platform
Business Intelligence

The Challenge

Interruption in industrial pipelines are costly. One machine malfunction can halt the whole pipeline and cost the business millions of dollars. Those losses could be saved if machine operators can predict malfunctioning and take the right measures. That should be done on industrial scale where a pipeline might consist of hundreds of different devices and modules coming from dozens of manufactures.

Our Approach

BeKitzur set a development team of BigData, ML modeling and web development experts to build a multi-tenant platform with easy to use data integration tools, data processing Spark and Kafka based layer and ML modeling framework. The platform allows the machinery operators to stream the machines reported data  into the platform, define data transformation and processing rules and use ML models to monitor the systems health and notify about the possible problems.


Meet New Imantics Cognitive IoT Platform for Industry 4.0

Imantics’ Athena is a cognitive IoT platform for Industry 4.0. Athena is a workflow driven, secure, scalable, and easy to use big data platform. It enables advanced analytics and visualization, using machine learning, fault isolation, and artificial intelligence techniques. Athena DX is a workflow designer that allows non-programmers to create advanced IoT applications that can be deployed centrally or in a smart edge.

Imantics Dashboard

Industrial users can open an account on the platform, connect their devices and easily define new data pipelines and add new data cleansing and transformation rules using visual editor with drag-n-drop pre-built components. Platform users can also use dozens of built, tested and trained ML models to control thir devices and system behavior. Imantics team can extend the system with new on-demand components and ML models.

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