GlobeIn — Etsy for real artisans

Large scale e-commerce solution with native mobile app

At a Glance

Numerous artisans, mostly from developing countries, make thousands of authentic products each telling unique story. They don’t know how to sell their products online and how to promote them in the western world where many people look for the exclusive handmade staff.
GlobeIn connects those to audiences people in one global marketplace with a little Spotify flavor as each box is curated by editors with exquisite taste.

GlobeIn became a real Etsy for artisans with the very strong team and special “helpers” all around the world—people who travel a lot, connect with artisans, record their stories and assist them in getting goods online closer to their customers.






UI/UX/Visual Design
Full-stack Development
Production Support
iOS App Development




iOS (Objective-C)

Payment providers integration

The Challenge

GlobeIn needed powerful architecture solution allowing to maintain both current site with marketplace and new user engagement and distribution channels – such as native mobile apps.

Meanwhile, it’s still global project which automatically results in all the challenges we’re used to manage effectively—localisation, multi-currency support, and other issues that come in mind when you’re going global for real.

At last, all this work should be done on the top of the existing solution already serving a lot of customers, so it should be kept intact allowing to fully customize web interface and maintain product catalog.

Our approach

Bekitzur set up a full team of professionals including full-stack developers, back-end developers and mobile app specialists to handle the work effectively.

Overall project duration of 4 months included deep PHP-based backend optimization and a lot of other tasks related to better fulfilment of users’ needs.

To tackle the challenge, the following technologies were chosen for the project:
  • Existing Drupal CMS was left unchanged allowing to manage catalog and publicly available site.
  • AngularJS was used for renewing part of existing web interfaces.
  • Set of scalable and configurable APIs was developed on top of it to effectively handle database inquiries and requests without any interruption to the web version activity.
  • iOS app written in native code with Objective-C offered seamless and slick experience widening the user base and improving retention among the existing audience.
  • BrainTree API services—for payment integration with all popular payment providers.

The results

GlobeIn web-site and mobile app developed by BeKitzur features all the marketplace and social sharing features allowing users in the US & Europe to discover and buy unique products and share the stories with their email and Facebook friends.

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