Culver Academies Website

The new Culver Academies Website 69% increase in visitors.

At a Glance

Culver Academies is one of the oldest and well established boarding schools in the United States. They have amazing facilities, staff and integrated programs that emphasize the cultivation of character and nurture the whole individual mind, spirit and body.

As much as everything about Culver sounds and is very solid, you couldn’t say the same thing about their previous website. It lacked organization and was extremely hard to navigate. This is when BeKitzur, jointly with DWorkz came on board to help make the change.


Internal Project




UI/UX/Visual Design
Production Release



The Challenge

The task of branding Culver has historically been a challenge three schools in one, military vs civilian, winter vs summer these are competing stories that struggle for the opportunity to be told.

As the front door of Culver Academies, the website is the most frequented and accessible point of contact for prospective students and parents. As such must be a cutting edge site, delivering the Culver story in an engaging and emotional way.

Our Approach

We’ve started by analyzing the existing content, conducting interviews with stakeholders, analyzing feedback from real users and defining target user groups. After that we went into redefining Information Architecture to make all pieces fall in their place and accessible to those who need them. Navigation was completely reinvented as well. Our goal for this redesign was to support the solid image of Culver and make site easy to use for all target user groups.

After a couple of months of working on the information architecture and wireframes we all felt confident in the new approach. Due to a tremendous amount of content we had to come up with elegant templates which would all seem consistent, while still not redundant and boring. All of the designs have been annotated for developers and we spent a lot of time watching over their shoulders while implementation was taking place.

The Result

The new site came out to be clean, solid and timeless, while retaining the up to date look and feel. We’re proud to say that with our help Culver’s site now has 69% increase in visitors and allows target user groups to find resources they need more easily. Check it out for yourself and we hope it will make you want to send your kid to Culver!

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