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Cubis Creatures is a world-class puzzle game upgraded with new graphics and social capabilities. Let our game development team take your game concept to reality.

We create compelling content, graphics and infrastructure for the leisure game enthusiast, always keeping cross-platform application in mind. With Cubis Creatures we created a next generation cube-stacking game.

Instead of the traditional top-down viewpoint, the player has a full 3D experience with objects coming in from all directions: including top, side and forward game play.


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There are several crucial factors to making
a user-friendly and equally gripping gaming experience

  • Character engagement is key to successful game play. We create appealing fictional personas to engage the player and create alignment or opposition relationships. This is key to increasing the users desire to play more. If the player ‘likes’ the game creature, they are likely to strive for their freedom. Conversely, if the game personas take on a villain guise, the player must feel a strong desire to defeat this character. In Cubis Creatures the player wants to free the ‘creatures.’
  • Development of a seemingly endless array of levels so that the player is constantly motivated to achieve new success within the game’s framework. Social components allow users to compete against their friends and strangers to best one another.
  • Bright and vibrant graphics keep the player’s interest alive and captivated.
  • Innovative technologies are crucial to game success. With Cubis Creation, we took a classic gaming concept of Match-3 gameplay and made it new and fresh. Our team utilizes ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML5 and PHP/MySQL to manifest your gaming vision into reality.

Engaging graphics, comprehensive leaderboards, invite capabilities, challenges, easy-access profiles and a complete social component suite make cross-platform games like Cubis Creatures an undeniable package.

Above all, BeKitzur’s team strives to take the worry and logistics of game creation out of your hands. Our ultimate goal is client trust and satisfaction.

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There’s nothing puzzling about why Cubis is a blast.

MacLife 4.5/5

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