Connected car

Truvolo bridges the gap between information available
in a vehicle’s internal systems and its driver.

At a Glance

Truvolo Drive™ is a small device that plugs in to your car’s standard diagnostic port. It comes with a free app that you install on your smart phone. The Truvolo app communicates via Bluetooth with the Drive to collect data while you drive and sends it to our secure platform. The platform does all the number crunching and converts the raw data into information that is actually useful to you.

Truvolo provides you with lifetime access to your data and requires no monthly data fee commitment to realize the potential of our features. Truvolo users will also have an option for a premium subscription that provides features above and beyond standard functionality.


Truvolo, Inc.


Big Data


UI/UX Design

Web Development

Mobile Development

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Project Management



Android (Java)


The Challenge

The information provided by the car diagnostic system was designed to give an input for car services professionals who had special tools to read and interpret it. Truvolo has to translate this information to a general audience and present it in an easy understandable format, make it available anywhere on the users computers and cell phones and save historical data for future analysis.

Our Approach

BeKitzur product development team has quickly gained a required experience in car diagnostic data and helped to the company founders to define the product, application designs and the project plan. Within 3 months the first MVP was ready and our developers and testers has started to use the application and the analytics portal with their cars, discovering problems first hand and gaining a valuable input that helped to shape the product for the GA release. We continue supporting Truvolo device, mobile and analytics platform software on AWS by monitoring usage and releasing new versions of the products.


Truvolo is a well-connected car solution that stands to make driving safer and smarter. We provide trusted data that can increase safety, while reducing annual maintenance costs. Our TruvoloData™ mobile platform provides smart alerts and reports via an app to track auto and driver performance, giving users visibility into how their loved ones are driving and insight into how their cars are running. Truvolo users receive alerts based on driving behavior, location based alerts and timely information on car performance, along with any potential problems. Ultimately, Truvolo offers its users peace of mind, whether they’re behind the wheel or not.

With Truvolo, you can finally use information from your car for practical purposes. With a connected car, the possibilities are endless. Truvolo connects all the cars and drivers in your family. Drive safely and enjoy peace of mind with Truvolo.


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