Enchancing collaboration
between 100s of local Chambers of Commerce

Business collaboration platform with integrated eCommerce and messaging.

At a Glance

The Enterprise Mobile Social Networking Platform is designed for distributed organizations who needs to provide modern collaboration tools to their local chapters or subsidiaries, and let those sub-organizations to interact with each other as their local managers and supervisors allow. The solution have been successfully rolled-out and used by the world’s biggest charitable organizations and the US biggest commercial network.

The app links users with organization local chapters and with other app users from other chapters where the chapters managers control the access.

Through this app you can:

  • Receive notifications
  • Get instant information and news about yours and partner organizations, its activities, as well as comment and send feedback
  • Apply for membership to the Society, open to everyone
  • Enroll in, as well as get, information on courses offered by Org. Training school
  • Get updates on current events
  • Be informed about specific projects carried on all org. chapters
  • Buy products and services from the chapter or other members
  • Book a room at any company approved hotels
  • Sign up to become a member and engage in various organizational activities

US and Canada Chambers of Commerce


Chambers of commerce
Business networks


UI/UX Design,
Web Development
Mobile Development
Quality Assurance
Payment Integrations
Project Management
AppStore Operations


Android (Java)
iOS (Swift)
BrainTree (Payments)

The Challenge

Chamber of Commerce has always been considered a local organization of business professionals who helped to local businesses. In today’s world the rules of the game has changed. The modern businesses rely on vendors and partners all around the country. The new tools are connectivity tools are needed to foster collaboration between the businesses and between the local business networks.

Our Approach

BeKitzur set a dedicated team of 18 experts in all required technology areas (iOS, Android, Web, Java, QA) who worked for 12 months with CoC product managers to build end-to-end system from the app prototype to a full features scalable production installation designed to handle millions of users.

Technologies chosen for the platform

  • Java backend based on Spring framework.
  • Angular.js front-end for user facing app and administrators portal
  • Native iOS app written on Swift
  • Native Android app built on Java
  • BrainTree services for payment integration with local payment providers


Bekitzur empowers chambers of commerce to scale up their performance and bring in additional knowledge from authorized industry experts. Our discovery & matching engine based on machine learning technology gives an opportunity to tap into a professional network and find new partners, vendors, or clients.

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