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A financial assistant app that finds the best insurance and loan products without exposing your personal and contact information

At a Glance

BeeWell is a personal financial application designed to help people save monthly on their regular payments including insurance, mortgage and loans. This product solves the major problem that customer face when looking for new financial products. Today people leave their personal and contact information on thousands of lead generation sites with dubious reputation. They start getting dozens of calls from agents and their info is sold and re-sold many times.

BeeWell app solves this problem by hiding your personal and contact information and connecting you with financial professionals through secure built-in messenger.


BeeWell Inc.


Insurance / Finance


Market Research
UI/UX Design
Visual Design
Web Development
Mobile Development
Backend Development
CRM development
Production Operation
Customer Support



The Challenge

All insurance and loan agents require full set of personal and contact information to prepare a personalized offer. The modern consumers, on the other hand, are used to use web and mobile comparison tools. They expect to get a final personalized offer and press the “Purchase” button. A special secure system need to be built to meet the modern consumers expectations.

Our Approach

BeKitzur took end-to-end ownership of this project. Our team of product managers and designers have reviewed all the similar solutions on the market and evaluated their strong and weak sides. We have created a slick Mobile App design and unique product positioning to attract the casual users attention to this financial product. On the backend we created a portal for financial industry agents where they can check and triage new leads, define personalized offers and securely communicate to the leads through web and mobile messenger.

BeeWell offer confirmed


We are running closed Beta testing for first adopters and partner insurance agencies in California.

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