Crowdsourcing & Market Research Platform

AdviseBrands crowdsourcing platform.

At a Glance

AdviseBrands unleashes the power and wisdom of modern crowds equipped with iOS and Android phones. Market researches and entrepreneurs get all the self-serve tools for scheduling custom market tests and surveys, inviting and managing respondents and getting simple real-time reports about their new product concepts success.

The unique feature of this platform is ability to create custom shelf-tests where advisers can select consumer products from simulated mobile store-fronts and submit the reasons behind their decision to the market researchers.




Market Research Tools/Automation


End-to-End Product Development
from Ideation to Market


Android, iOS
Web, Angular.JS
PHP, Node.JS
MongoDB, MySQL

The Challenge

Have you ever had a new product idea? Any product like a furniture piece, a dress, a car or a new mobile app. Have you tried to check the market? Check if your idea resonates with the prospective users? Check if you have any chance to beat the competition?

AdviseBrands was designed to give instant answers to all of the above questions. To make all this possible BeKitzur had to design and build a complete Researcher Portal with all the account management, respondents management and tests creation features.

Key Platform Features

  • Invite respondents from their Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ and emails contacts and company pages fan and followers
  • Manage respondents groups and panels
  • Select pre-qualified respondents from our AdviseBrands network
  • Create market research tests in a simulated real ecommerce environments like Apple AppStore, Google Play, Amazon, eBay etc…
  • Schedule competetive tests and letting users to select and compare among the test products and existing market leaders
  • Collect all the respondents answers and suggestions
  • Get real-time aggregated reports and per-respondent answers along with respondent real profiles

The respondents interact with the platform through AviseBrands iOS and Android apps where they can

  • Login with their FB, LinkedIn, G+ or email accounts
  • Edit profiles and confirm their geo, demog and professional info
  • Discover and complete tasks
  • Get rewards
  • Make advisers career and earn real money

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