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At a Glance

We believe it’s important for everyone to know what people really think about today’s societal issues. 1World Online is a Silicon Valley-based startup working on a next-generation crowd-sourced research platform we call the Social Research Engine.

Our mission is to become the central resource on the Internet to find out what people really think on a variety of topics, and also educate and influence their choices in balanced, well-structured, and logical ways, give them informed choices rather than just ask questions.


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How it works

Questions on pressing topics are submitted by both 1World team and our service users (1World Members), and 1World’s staff master crafts a Poll or a Chain of Polls (multiple polls following a certain topic of the month). Poll choices are then supported by at least two Expert Opinions (one for each choice by subject area experts) and fact-checked precise and informative Data Points. Vote on the polls you like, rate experts opinions, see how others voted, watch how polls trend over time, suggest your own poll, or add facts-based Data Points.

You can also become an Expert and contribute your opinions to polls. All you have to do is verify your expertise in your field of choice. 1World staff vets experts, their opinions, and data points used in opinions and arguments.

See what the world is up to

Collecting aggregate data on the voting allows us to provide accurate statistics on how people around the world react to different issues. We only ask for a few things when you sign up, and we keep your information safe and private. The more you choose to share with us, the more detailed statistics you see with the ability to map your opinion to others and reference it against other issues.

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