August 2nd, 2016, SUNNYVALE, CA

Chambers of Commerce across the USA move to the new mobile social collaboration platform co-developed by Bekitzur. It uses the technology from WebLink and Connectik.

This collaboration will increase productivity and streamline internal communications efforts. A social-first communication platform offers high-powered engagement features that allow organizations to create groups, publish updates, run polls, distribute messages and analyze engagement data. Additionally, group members can interact based on shared interests, as well as keep up-to-date on the latest organizational news and information. In the future, organizations will be able to find and collaborate with business partners using these tools. Other capabilities for internal staff include collaborative calendars, task lists, event pages, file storage, marketplaces and payment processing.

The platform serves membership-based organizations, including chambers of commerce, trade associations, contractors, hospitality associations, apartment associations and more. Associations seeking to quickly expand their growth turn to the platform for cutting-edge technology and marketing expertise. All-in-one AMS solution is configurable to any organization’s specific needs. Associations currently use the mobile social collaboration platform to combine prospect, event, email marketing, financial and website management into a single solution that fosters connections between the organization and its members.

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