May 3rd, 2017, SUNNYVALE, CA

Bekizur’s client Origami Logic is releasing the Spring 2017 update for its marketing performance measurement platform that is using solutions, software, and integrations developed by Bekitzur.

Innovative new capabilities of this update include the introduction of a mobile app, Origami Stories, Automated Insights Engine and Origami Workbench that change how marketing insights are generated and consumed by analysts and brand teams.

Origami Logic’s new mobile app delivers proactive notifications, called Origami Stories, that automatically surface information, observations, and insights on marketing performance issues so marketers can quickly take action to optimize the performance of campaigns. Each Story comes with detailed, supporting information and can be easily shared.

Origami Workbench is a Python-based scripting environment that gives data analysts direct access to marketing performance data, across a number of advertising and marketing channels, that is collected, refined and organized by the Origami Logic platform. With Origami Workbench, analysts now have the ability to manipulate data in a variety of ways.

The Spring 2017 release also features new data integrations that connect a variety of important sources, including:

  • comScore
  • Eloqua
  • Moat (recently acquired by Oracle)
  • Nielsen
  • Snapchat

With an ever-growing list of marketing data source integrations, the Origami Logic platform gives brands the ability to converge performance data across different technology stacks and receive the transparency they need to truly understand how their campaigns are performing.

Bekitzur continues to help Origami Logic improve and support its industry-leading marketing performance measurement platform and bring all the benefits of integrated marketing analytics to its partners.

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