February 8th, 2017, SUNNYVALE, CA

Bekizur’s client Nurego, the creator of well-acclaimed industrial IoT solution used in GE Predix platform, got acquired by GE Digital. GE Predix was co-developed by Nurego and Bekitzur.

The buy comes after GE (General Electric) built a two-year-long working relationship with Nurego to drive GE’s platform Predix, software that General Electric calls “the operating system for the Industrial Internet” and offers a number of native apps for industrial IoT companies (IIoT) to use. According to a blog post from Nurego investor The Hive, Nurego was indispensable to the Predix system. This purchase seems to validate that argument.

Nurego focuses on business operations, making it easier to monetize IoT software programs. Nurego is actually the byproduct of The Hive and EMC (Dell), who collaborated to gift some intellectual property and manpower to the new company. The Hive, Paul Maritz, and EMC are listed as Nurego’s primary investors, with Maritz holding a seat on the board.

Bekitzur helped Nurego shape their Industrial IoT solutions that were the foundation of GE Predix thus leading to its inevitable success and further integration into GE Digital BizOps structure.

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