For Startups

Startup Package

Have a great idea, but lack the time, human resources and the substantial budget needed to ensure speedy delivery? Can’t find the CTO to carry out your ideas? With Bekitzur, your start-up will get the boost it needs to successfully launch in the Israeli and international tech markets.

We have partnered with numerous entrepreneurs just like you and successfully delivered scalable, robust MVP to market.

We provide your start-up with a full package designed to take your product to market, and your business to the next level, faster, more reliably and more affordable than ever before. From the assignment of top-tier St. Petersburg tech development experts, to the establishment of your very own development center and their management for optimal time and results, we’ll help you build momentum quickly, so you can innovate, sell, profit and scale. You can then decide to continue with Bekitzur to the next level and/or seek out local resources.

Branded Site Package

Development Center
  • It is getting harder for you to hire top talent?
  • Are you more preoccupied with employee retention than product development?
  • Do you feel that outsourcing is inferior to establishing an Israeli site?

Solve your company’s engineering resource problem for the long run and start enjoying rapid results with proven, long-term benefits. We’ll assemble and operate top-tier agile development site in St. Petersburg, and create an affordable branded company space for them to work in, that closely resembles your company’s Israeli HQ, with respect to delivery time and quality. We’ll ensure that only best-fit professionals join your remote team, while tracking the latest labor market trends to create competitive benefits packages that guarantee long-term employee retention and satisfaction.

Under the umbrella of your brand, its image, identity and language, we’ll set up your development center to ensure you can focus on your customers and product (vs. employee retention), easily scale to serve new clients, conquer new markets, and add to your exit value.

We support a BOT (Build Operate Transfer) model, when it’s right for you!

A safe investment only Bekitzur can secure.

Development Team Building Package

Growth Team
  • Do you have a new project in the works, but lack the team to take it from conception to market?
  • Are you short on time, money and resources and worried this will influence the type of talent you’re able to recruit?
  • Do you shy away from outsourcing, fearful of the lack of skills and teamwork a remote team might possess?

At Bekitzur, we hire and train startup-minded product and platform development specialists whose careers are tied to the success of your business.

Designed for Silicon Valley startups and corporate innovators, our Development Team Building Package ensures your company is provided with the talented and experienced 5–8 person team you need to transform your innovative dream into actionable and profitable reality. Under your careful watch and management, you’ll benefit from instant setup of a complete professional product development team with a proven track record. Your product and engineering leaders only need to define product scope and manage releases.

All our service packages include


Continuous integration, production monitoring, security, scalability & 24/7 support


User-centric, Iterative, responsive, modern UI/UX and visual design processes


From exploratory testing to automated test suites integrated with daily builds

Project Management

Oversight of product roadmap, sprints, Jira management, releases and team communications

CTO Guidance & Solution Architecture

Trusted guidance and strategic technical decision-making for all levels of product maturity

Software as a team sport

Coaching to keep tech staff motivated, curious, and driven by your company’s success


Searching, sourcing, and interviewing top experts who best fit your business

Office Management

Modern fully equipped, loft-style, secure office in a prestigious business center

Full Legal Support

Full adherence to local employment laws to secure your IP and build value

Accounting & Taxes

Complete coverage of local accounting standards and tax requirements

Onboarding & Provisioning

Purchase & maintenance of all development & test equipment along with local networks

Travel Arrangements

We’ll travel to your site, and gladly welcome your visits to the Development Center