Since our establishment in 2012, the Bekitzur team has garnered copious knowledge and expertise in developing the right professional development solutions for various industries. We harness the latest technological innovations and best practice skill sets to ensure your every project is seamless and successful, from planning to post-launch and beyond.

Web Development

Web Development

Modern web applications have higher user expectations and greater demands than ever before. Today’s web apps are expected to be slick, fast and usable from virtually any device or screen size. Web applications must be secure, flexible, and scalable to meet spikes in demand.

Our front-end, backend and fullstack developers are experts in designing and building single page web applications (SPA) powered by microservices architecture. We are keeping abreast with new web and backend technologies, constantly checking new frameworks and architecture approaches.

Our web development expertise includes:
  • UX/UI Design: Interactive Wireframes & Prototypes,
  • Responsive Web: HTML / CSS / JS
  • Popular Frameworks: React, Angular, Vue
  • Microservices Based Backend: NodeJS, Java, Python
  • Scalable Data Stores: Mongo, Cassandra, Postgress, Redshift, DynamoDB

Mobile Development

Mobile Development

The industry for mobile application development continues to grow, as mobile devices become the center of communication and work. Business and technological development have emerged at an impressive rate, increasing demand for experienced mobile application developers.

We have helped to dozens of our technology companies to define their mobile strategy, select the right technology stack and rollout slick iOS and Android mobile apps that were featured by AppStore for their high quality and adherence to the latest Apple and Google UX guidelines

Our mobile development expertise includes:
  • UI/UX and prototyping
  • Native, Cross-Platform and PWA
  • Backend Computing (Security, Scale, DB, etc.)
  • Swift, Java, Kotlin, Flutter, IONIC, React Native
  • AppStore and GPlay operations


SaaS & PaaS

Many of our clients are funded technology start-ups building SaaS and PaaS systems. Those systems contain many infrastructure and user facing components, run in cloud and sometime have requirements to install separate instances of the systems on client premises. In order to satisfy all those future requirements, the systems need to be properly designed from Day 1.

We are experts in SaaS systems architecture, development and operations. We follow AWS Well-Architecture and AWS SaaS Factory guidelines for building, migrating and optimizing SaaS and PaaS systems.

Our SaaS expertise include
  • Tenants Isolation and Data Partitioning
  • Identity & Access
  • Central Metering and Billing
  • Profiling and Optimizing
  • Deployment and Integration


DevOps & CloudOps

DevOps is used to alter and improve the relationship between development and IT operations, advocating better communication and collaboration between the two units. Although it may seem somewhat simple, tremendous skills and expertise are needed from a DevOps engineer to successfully deploy the code and bind the two units together, as well as for rolling out releases and software updates, and ensuring system uptime and resilience.

We are AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, meaning that our engineers passed the highest level AWS certifications. We follow latest trends in OpenSource and AWS Native technologies, and help our clients to achieve the best performance and save costs.

Our areas of DevOps expertise include:


BigData & Data Science

Data analytics, machine learning and deep learning became the core of many modern systems. Data Scientists experiment with new models that require integration with new data sources, and continuous processing of new data streams.

Our Data Engineering experts keep your data analysts and data science teams moving. We have ready and tested solutions to bootstrap and support your data strategy. Our Data Integration Platform can quickly connect your data sources, and Data Science Pipeline provides production ready infrastructure that quickly adopts to ever changing data scientists demands.

Our areas of Data expertise include:

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