Israel is the Start-up Nation, but in the current, innovation-driven climate, the lack of developmental and human resources are significant obstacles in the Israeli start-up’s path towards success. To obtain a competitive advantage and timely development results, opening a development center abroad is the future-forward, responsible move every Israeli start-up should make.

At Bekitzur, we’re optimizing your path to development success by partnering your start-up with premium engineering talent from St. Petersburg, Russia. And we have over 50 accounts and 100 projects to prove it.

What We Offer

From our stunning headquarters overlooking the Neva River, we offer premium development services designed to help Israeli hi-tech start-ups and companies shine. Since our establishment in 2012, we have served over 50 leading Silicon Valley companies and have supported more than 100 successful development ventures; some, award winning applications and services. 

We create mission-oriented development teams that are recruited as a cohesive unit and focus on executing your project requirements and delivering the results you seek, according to the roadmap you establish. A complete and holistic approach to your development endeavors that secures your business’ rapid results & revenues.


  • Set up a high-quality team with prior experience in the markets and technologies relevant to your business from within our internal candidate database
  • Ensure top technological and teamwork capabilities by connecting your business to top specialists capable of leading your development team. Actively engage in management and retention processes to optimize development & satisfaction
  • Provide superior technological guidance and solutions – for your Israeli and outsourced Russian teams
  • Get your new development team up and running quickly and performing like a long-term strategic asset that will enhance your business’ value


  • Provide 3 packages to choose from, including our BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) model
  • Apply our proven site management and managerial skills
  • Provide local support and leadership at the hands of veteran Israeli entrepreneurs, as needed, throughout the process of establishing and managing local sites
  • Engage in complete branding for your remote site including career sites and physical office location
  • Sponsored trips to your main site and video conferencing infrastructure for day-to-day communications


  • Proven success with over 50 Silicon Valley companies for over 7 years
  • Key employee dedication to your company and project and extended retention
  • Successful brand presence in the local job market
  • Consistent, coherent branding at your St. Petersburg sitE

The People That Make Your Team Shine

Our management team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in everything IT and development. We work hard to transform your every development dream into reality.

Michael Philip Founder & CEO

Michael Philip Michael Philip

Michael has built successful technology startups, and launched world acclaimed B2B and B2C products at big Silicon Valley companies. He founded BeKitzur to help other executives & entrepreneurs close the gap between their product vision and successfully building and running software product development.

Ezi Boteach Managing Partner

Ezi Boteach Ezi Boteach

Ezi brings over 20 years of proven success in software development, product and support for Israeli and Silicon Valley companies. He helped scale R&D groups to dozens of engineers in Israel and eastern europe, creating highly functional organizations. He is a ninja at lean and agile development. Ezi’s mantra is: when there is a will, there’s a way

Alex Ulyanov CTO

Alex Ulyanov Alex Ulyanov

A distinguished system architect and hands-on engineering executive, Alex has built and run data solutions for systems as diverse as IoT, AdTec, SaaS and many others. Driven by both his passion for new technologies and by his experience proving how (and if) they work, he leads by example.  He has designed and implemented many solutions and platforms, ranging start-up MVPs to large scale corporations including GE & ThinFilm Electronics. As company CTO, he ensures that all our projects and clients benefit from robust engineering processes and scalable architecture.

Natalia Tolmacheva Head of HR

Natalia Tolmacheva Natalia Tolmacheva

With 10+ years of experience leading efforts IT professionals recruiting and career development operations, Natalya works in close partnership with company clients and their HR teams to integrate best practices to build well-integrated global teams.

David Fishman VP Marketing

David Fishman David Fishman

David is a Silicon Valley executive with several decades of experience driving product marketing and product management at companies innovating in IT and cloud infrastructure, analytics, and open source. He has led alliance and demand gen operations at multiple startups and large public companies.

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