We run cloud-based systems worldwide, even behind the Great Firewall of China.

Services Packages
  • Dockerization
  • CI/CD Set-Up
  • CI/CD Automation
  • Monitoring
  • Log Aggregation
  • Auto-scale Set Up
  • Zero-Downtime Updates
  • Security Access Set Up
  • Security Audit
  • Cloud Resource Usage Optimization
  • System Performance Optimization
  • 24/7 Support SLA
  • 4h
  • 1h

Basic Tier

We provide basic DevOps with all our development team services. For each new project, our DevOps professionals can dockerize system components, set-up CI/CD processes using Docker and Jenkins, and set up basic monitoring scripts for staging and production environments.

Basic Tier: Bekitzur – State of art DevOps services acknowledged by dozens of clients. Dockerization, CI/CD setup and automation, auto scaling, zero downtime maintenance, security audit, cloud usage optimization, 24/7 support SLA and much more.
  • Access to environments
  • SLA and monitoring guidelines
 Dockerization Level 1
  • Component deployment & rollback
  • Component isolation

Tools: Docker, docker-gen, dumb-init

 CI/CD Process SetUp

We set up basic CI/CD via Jenkins and Docker and create automation scripts for deployment – managing system components and integrating them into CI/CD processes.

Tools: Docker, JenkinsAnsible, Bash, Python, Go, Groovy


Implement overall system health check scripts for CI/CD to validate before/after deployments, and set up basic monitoring via popular ‘monitoring-as-a-service’ solutions.

Tools: CloudwatchDatadogSysdig

Basic Tier DevOps provides sufficient coverage during development and beta-release stages of simple non-mission critical projects.

Advanced Tier

We provide a set of DevOps services to streamline continuous delivery and ensure stable production operations via 24/7 monitoring and resolution of P1 infrastructure issues with 4-hour SLA.

Advanced Tier: Bekitzur – State of art DevOps services acknowledged by dozens of clients. Dockerization, CI/CD setup and automation, auto scaling, zero downtime maintenance, security audit, cloud usage optimization, 24/7 support SLA and much more.
  • CI/CD process defined
  • Hosting admin access
  • Escalation procedures
 System Dockerization
  • Component deployment and rollback
  • Environment set-up scripts
  • Component isolation and security
  • App config changes

Tools: Docker, Bash, Python, envtpl, docker-gen

CI/CD Automation

Write automation scripts for deploying and managing system components and integrate them into CI/CD and development process

Tools: Jenkins, DockerAnsible, Bash

 Log Aggregation

Set up log aggregation for apps, services, host syslog and other system components.

Tools: Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Filebeat, Fluentd, Kafka, Logspout, loggl

 Security SetUp

Setup SSL/TLS Encryption, firewall rules, Nginx and Apache config, DDoS attack protection. Run security audit.

Tools: Ansible, Bash

 24/7 Support

Set-up system and component level monitoring. Provide support for P1 (service outage) support with 4-hour SLA. Resolve issues with hosting and network infrastructure.

Tools: ChatOps, VictorOps

BeKitzur Advanced Tier DevOps package is the right choice for non-mission critical systems, to guarantee stable production operations, continuous delivery and testing of new system releases on all environments.

Premium Tier

Our DevOps professionals join as dedicated members of your development team, to manage your environments and production instances, to optimize cloud resource usage and to ensure security of your systems and customer data.

  • 100% dedicated DevOps experts
  • DevOps lead reports directly to you
  • Enterprise level security for your production data
  • 24/7 support with 1 hour SLA
Premium Tier: Bekitzur – State of art DevOps services acknowledged by dozens of clients. Dockerization, CI/CD setup and automation, auto scaling, zero downtime maintenance, security audit, cloud usage optimization, 24/7 support SLA and much more.

Continuous Delivery

Dockerize all system components
CI/CD Automation
QA and Test Automation

Ready to Scale

Autoscale with AWS & Kubernetes
No downtime updates
Cloud resources usage & cost optimization

Enterprise Level Security

Controlled access: VPN, SSH
Firewall configuration
OWASP-top10 + DoS protection
Security audits

24/7 Support

Production monitoring
Anomaly detection
1 hour SLA

Full Environment Dockerization 

Dockerize all system components to simplify deployment/rollback process, add per-component configuration, and improve system stability. Provide developers ready access to OS-independent, PROD-like dev and test environments.

Tools: Docker, Bash, Python, envtpl, dumb-init

Autoscaling SetUp

Analyze system scaling issues and improve system scalability. Set up auto-scaling of system components on AWS or Kubernetes.

Tools: Nginx, Consul, GDNSD, Terraform

Securing System Access

Secure sensitive system components on private networks behind VPN and/or SSH, along with configuring firewall rules for these networks. Set up fine-grained access restrictions between system components, plus 2-factor authentication as feasible (AWS console, VPN, SSH etc.). Configure alerts for SSH login, sudo command execution and more.

Tools: OpenVPN, Nginx, Modsecurity, Naxs

Comprehensive Systems Monitoring 

Set up component monitoring:

  • Monitor component health. Alert on unhealthy component behaviors
  • Monitor key metrics for system components (requests/sec, memory usage per component, etc.)
  • Set up unified dashboard for viewing system status (including graphs for metrics with ability to group and filter it by env, app name, source hostname, etc.)

Tools: Dockbeat, Metricbeat, Nagios, Icinga2, Kibana, Elasticsearch, Grafana, InfluxDB

Infrastructure Migration Options

Tune all system components to enable migration, such as from one cloud to another, from cloud to bare-metal hosts, or from bare-metal hosts to cloud. Migration can help save costs, bolster security, improve performance, scale customer footprint, better distribute operations geographically, and more.

CI/CD Set Up & Automation

Set up CI/CD processes and train the product team to develop, test and release new code and builds according to the latest industry standards. Develop automation scripts for deploying and managing system components, and integrate them into CI/CD and development processes.

Tools: JenkinsAnsible, Bash, Python, Groovy

Zero-Downtime Deployments

Execute deployments with no system downtime. Write tests for deployment scripts, so they are guaranteed to work well through the system updates.

Tools: Consul, Consul-template, docker-gen

Environment Hardening 

Install and configure security-related plugins for Nginx or Apache to provide at least OWASP-top 10 protection for all public APIs. Set up DDoS attack detection (monitoring and alerting). Mailing lists for on-time alerts of known vulnerabilities, with automated alerting on zero-day vulnerabilities.

Cloud Resource Usage Optimization 

Reduce cloud expenses:

  • Setup alerting on unused cloud resources
  • Review system setup and identify places where cloud computation or storage costs can be reduced
  • Review daily and monthly per component costs spendings and suggest architecture changes to reduce production costs.

Tools: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, Scaleway, Rackspace, Vultr, Hyper.sh

24/7 Support with 1-hour SLA

Respond to P1 issues (service outage) detected by our monitoring system within 60 minutes s. Respond to P2 issues (service performance degradation, unexpected behavior) detected by our monitoring system within 4 hours. Resolve issues with hosting / cloud provider, etc.

Tools: ChatOps, VictorOps

BeKitzur Premium Tier DevOps package is a superset of modern DevOps practices and tools, designed to manage release and maintenance of mission-critical systems to meet the latest enterprise standards.

Engagement Models

Choose from 3 engagement models and balance involvement, timelines, and fit with your existing product and engineering organization

BeKitzur DevOps provide infrastructure as a code

The BizOps metering systems is a central piece of GE Digital Predix platform, responsible for handling 10K cloud services usage reports/sec. BeKitzur DevOps has delivered miracles ensuring system auto-scaling and reliability under tough SLAs

Gleb Shaviner, Vice President GE Digital