Bekitzur design services cover all steps of modern UI/UX and visual design process

We start on the early stage of the product ideation helping entrepreneurs and product managers to create interactive prototypes and mockups. We continue through all the development process ensuring that mobile apps fit the latest Apple and Google guidelines and responsive web apps look right on all the devices.

Service blueprint

When designing a service with multiple touchpoints, multiple user types and an expectation that the service may change or grow over time it can be hard to encapsulate all of information at once.

Service blueprint — is a map that displays all the touchpoints of the consumer with the app, as well as the key internal processes involved in it.

Learn more: Wikipedia on Service blueprint, Service Design Tools

Consumer journey map & Personas

Consumer journey map — is a diagram that explores the multiple (sometimes invisible) steps taken by consumers as they engage with the service. Allows designers to frame the consumer’s motivations and needs in each step of the journey, creating design solutions that are appropriate for each.

Persona — is a relatable snapshot of the target audience that highlights demographics, behaviors, needs and motivations through the creation of a fictional character. Personas make it easier for designers to create empathy with consumers throughout the design process.

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Ecosystem map

A visualization of the app’ digital properties, the connections between them, and their purpose in the overall marketing strategy. Gives you insights around how to leverage new and existing assets to achieve the brand’s business goals.

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Competitive audit

A comprehensive analysis of competitor products that maps out their existing features in a comparable way. Helps us understand industry standards and identify opportunities to innovate in a given area.

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Value proposition

A reductive process in the early stages of product definition that maps out the key aspects of it: what it is, who it is for and when/where it will be used. Helps the team narrow down and create consensus around what the product will be.

Learn more: Wikipedia on Value proposition

Stakeholders interviews & KPI definition

Interview key stakeholders in a project, both internal & external, to gather insights about their goals. It helps prioritize features and define KPIs.

Learn more: Bekitzur Stakeholders Interviewing Guide

Moodboarding & Brainstorming

Moodboard — is a collaborative collection of images and references that will eventually evolve into a product’s visual style guide. Allows creatives to show clients and colleagues a proposed look for the product before investing too much time on it.

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User flow & Task analysis

A visual representation of the user’s flow to complete tasks within the product. It’s the user perspective of the site organization, making it easier to identify which steps could be improved or redesigned.

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Taxonomies definition, Sitemap, Features roadmap

Taxonomies definition is an exploration around multiple ways to categorize content and data. Assists designers in defining the content structure to support the user’s and the organization’s goals.

Features roadmap — is a spreadsheet with the product’s evolution plan with prioritized features. Shares the product strategy with the team and the road that needs to be taken to achieve its vision.

Use cases & scenarios

A comprehensive list of scenarios that happen when users are interacting with the product: logged in, not logged in, first visit etc. Ensures that all possible actions are thoroughly considered, as well as the system behavior in each scenario.

Learn more: Wikipedia on Use case interactive prototype

A prototype is a simulation of the website navigation and features. It’s a quick and dirty way to test and validate a product before fully developing it.

Dmitry Korotkov, Art Director

Dmitry has over 15 years of work experience in the IT industry. He is responsible for concept development of new experiences, interfaces, maintenance of style guides, UI toolkits and experience design languages. He manages multiple Bekitzur projects from concept through completion and provides governance of overall corporate's brand look and feel.

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