Instead of reading an article, listening to it will make your work easier, and reduce the strain on your eyes. People who work on computers through out the day, cannot concentrate on reading an article for a long time. Either they will get distracted or due to the strain on the eyes, they will not be able to read more. This method of listening to apps will also be very useful for visually impaired people to read more articles. “StreamShell”  lets users to listen to popular blog’s recent articles and their emails on the go.


Stream Shell comes with zero price tag and you can download it from the Google play store. Once you install the application, it will start downloading voice files from the Internet. It will take few minutes and you will be redirected to the homepage. In the home screen swipe left and right to navigate between different contents. There is a swipeable sidebar, which contains all the options and settings of the application. In the first page, by default there will be weather and two or three news channels.


To configure your own news websites, in the Sidebar, under “Settings” tap the “Select Channels” option to get a list of popular news websites on the Internet. Select the ones you need and click “Done” to complete the action. To select the emails you want to listen, choose the configured emails under “Email Settings” option. To configure your  location for Weather and to update  [stock] news sources, go to “General Settings” in the sidebar. In the “Set Profile” option under settings, you can choose the category of news you need on the front page.


From the moment you open the application, the system will start reading out the options wherever you navigate. To stop the audio, just tap anywhere on the screen and again tap on the screen to resume. You can add all your configured email ids in your device and it will automatically read out the new emails whenever you open the application. This app will bring all the stock updates, weather, hot news and much more in a single place.

This app will be very helpful for people who are not interested in reading articles for a long time. When you are travelling to work or when you want to relax, you can listen to it and catch all updates for the day. Try this in your android device and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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