Gwynnie Bee, an online monthly subscription service for clothes, is one of the most innovative start-ups of 2013. Similar to the Netflix business model, users pay a monthly fee for access to an unlimited wardrobe coupled with endless free shipping and returns. Shoppers decide if they want one new item a month, all the way up to ten new pieces of clothing. They set their budget. Guilt-free shopping!

Geared towards the plus-sized fashionista, users jump in with a free, 30-day trial period­-there’s no reason not to try it. It’s a great way to try out new styles and keep your wardrobe fresh with zero commitment. If you like it, keep it! If you don’t, send it back.

Gwynnie Bee is the provider of on-demand clothing.

  • Create an Account.

Simply use your email address and create a password for access to a new, fresh wardrobe. Styles are updated several times monthly. It’s that easy.

  • Browse the collection.

Check out all of the styles and looks you love from 100+ of your favorite designers and fashion houses.

  • After you look around, Subscribe

While we ask for your credit card, the first 30 days are on us (no-cost to you). Billing starts on the 31st day. We want you to be happy! If for any reason you aren’t, you can cancel online at any time.

  • Add clothes to your virtual closet.

Try fun stuff. It’s rental, not ownership. Explore and be adventurous.

  • Wear it. Rock it. Love it.

It takes 2-4 days for your box to arrive, filled with items that you’ve selected and put in your closet.

  • No due dates.

If you love it, keep it for as long as you’d like.

  • Send back what you like, when you like.

Using the pre-paid bags, send back as many garments as you like: one, two, three, or all at once. Your choice. We handle all of the cleaning.

  • Secure.Safe. Easy.

We take your safety seriously. Gwynnie Bee’s online shopping is safe and secure.

As soon as you let us know you’re dropping garments in the mail, we start preparing your next box filled with goodies from your virtual closet. You know that friend that always looks perfectly dressed? That could be you with Gwynnie Bee!

Dmitry Korotkov, Art Director

Dmitry has over 15 years of work experience in the IT industry. He is responsible for concept development of new experiences, interfaces, maintenance of style guides, UI toolkits and experience design languages. He manages multiple Bekitzur projects from concept through completion and provides governance of overall corporate's brand look and feel.

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