Modern businesses use many cloud services and SaaS providers. All businesses want to have one interface, one login and one data model across all of those services, so it is a considerable engineering challenge to unify those systems and insure their stable operation.

The challenge of integration

Every system has its own ways of accessing data (e.g throttling limits, SLAs, record limits, etc) and their own timeframes for changing APIs or data objects. The most important questions in integrating involve correctly mapping the business data objects between solutions and ensuring that the integrations are implemented with reliability, availability, and consistency across systems.

While helping the businesses, developers need to consider a lot of things and not only the differences in integrated systems. Developers also need to keep in mind that people within and outside an enterprise will be able to access parts of the network using consumption models that are familiar to their way of working. By decentralizing IT, developers allow the integrated SaaS solutions to be adopted across the enterprise, not just through a central IT function.

How to integrate different SaaS into enterprise

So what do developers need to make these enterprise integrations happen in a way that makes sense across the enterprise? A developer needs an integration platform that abstracts and manages many of these concerns. Taking an API-led approach to connectivity, where you build purposeful APIs that represent various systems, processes, and experiences. The componentized APIs are reusable and can be modified quickly without disrupting business processes.

A good connectivity platform can assist developers in abstracting away the need to custom code integration and can provide templates and out-of-the-box connectors that can make integration easy and fast. From a business perspective, it’s important to understand how to shift to composability with API-led connectivity in order to build a relationship between developers and the rest of the business to retain a company’s competitive status in the market.

Do you need to integrate cloud services?

Ask Bekitzur to help with both integration processes and building integration platform. We have rich experience in managing integrations across multiple SaaS providers, applications, and legacy systems.

Sergey Demidov, CPO


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