When you come up with a new idea for an app, it’s important to do market research and find out if people will really like your app before you start to develop it.

Taking time to do market research will save you time and money as well as help you understand whether or not there is a need for your app.

In order to successfully conduct market research, you must identify:

  • Your target audience
  • Trends in the App Store
  • Trends outside the App Store
  • Demand for your app
  • A plan for future trends

Identifying the Target Audience

  • Identify and target the “niche” (your group or audience).
  • Identify something that your target audience lacks or needs – this is what your app should focus on.
  • Target either micro-niche or broad niche.
  • When targeting a micro-niche, you are targeting a well-defined group of people with well-defined needs.
  • It is easy to see what the outcome will be since you have such a small audience.
  • When targeting a broad niche, you must access market as a whole and try to predict what market trends will be.

Trends in the App Store

  • Browse the App Store’s top charts on a regular basis to identify trends.
  • Make sure to look at the Top Grossing Apps chart, which will help you see which apps have the highest engagement.
  • Look at the Top Paid Apps, which will indicate which apps people are will to pay for.
  • Use Apptrace, a technology that will allow you to see top apps across all countries and not just from the U.S.

Trends Outside the App Store

  • Look at Google Trends.
  • Google Keyword Tool will give you the exact volume of searches in the last month.
  • Amazon Bestseller List will also help you see what trends are present.

Is There Demand for Your App?

  • Use TopAppCharts.com to see how apps are ranked in the App Store.
  • Xyologic can help estimate how many times an app was downloaded per month.
  • AppAnne is useful in determining how apps are ranked and featured in the App Store.

Look to the Future to Predict Trends

  • You can take advantage and predict seasonal trends.
  • Research to try to predict what will become popular in the future.
  • Create a plan to maximize App Store SEO.

BeKitzur recommends that you:

  • Make a webpage for your app and include a “Download App” button lined to the App Store.
  • Use Google Analytics to see how many people who click on your website and actually end up clicking on the “Download App” button. This will show you how many people view the page, and most importantly, how many people will download your app after viewing the webpage.

Sergey Demidov, CPO


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