After building many mobile apps we have developed a set of common server side services which are needed to quickly build and deploy native and web apps for any connected device.

Our goal was to provide a private version of a popular StackMob service that is used by many mobile start-up with client side development only expertise. StackMob seems to be a good solution at the first glance, but it quickly becomes an expensive service during the growth stage and limits your company flexibility when new features need to be added. Another big drawback of those 3rd party backend solutions is that you can’t completely claim the ownership of your system and the ownership of your users data. BeKitzur provides the best alternative for building your own backend server from scratch, and gives it for FREE to all our clients. Thus, it speeds up the development process of new web and mobile businesses, allows all the changes on the server side (the project is inOpenSource under MIT license), and gives a complete end-to-end ownership of the IP to our clients.

Here is the list of features ready for your new app.

  • Login & Authentication: Email & Password, Facebook, other SNs
  • User Profile: Pull from FB, create and edit
  • DataStore: users created objects, system created objects
  • Social: Like/Unlike, Follow/Unfollow, Share
  • Access Control: public, private, admins

Our team is constantly working on adding new features making the process of creating new apps easier than ever before.

Alex Ulyanov, CTO

Alex is CTO and hands-on thought-leader for the technical talent portfolio at Bekitzur, Alex is responsible for devising and executing architectural strategy and scaling engineering operations for Beliuts’s customers. He and his team have own integrated Product development at our client companies including GE Digital, Zypmedia, Origami Logic and Thinfilm. Alex is an AWS Certified Professional Solution Architect.

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