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What type of online businesses you have built?

We have successfully deployed a broad range of use cases, including: scale-out analytics and data science platforms for IoT; marketing analytics and intelligence; data integrations for API and streaming real-time data; ad servers and ad campaign management tools; mobile messengers; multiplayer and social gaming platforms; e-commerce with goods rentals option; mobile social apps; mobile automotive solutions; crowdsourcing and market research platforms; mobile photo sharing apps; businesses discovery and recommendation platforms; interactive park maps and guides; data management and visualization dashboards and more ….

How Big is your Big Data expertise?

Our founders have proven experience and expertise from Yahoo! data solutions and cloud services group, where they built and ran petabyte-sized data warehouses and Hadoop clusters. Over the last several years, we have also built 5 end-to-end data platforms based on lambda architecture using Kafka, Spark, Flume, StreamSets open-source products, among others One of these solutions became a core component of GE Predix platform (AWS competitor for industrial IoT).

Can you also handle QA?

Yes. We provide all QA and Test Automation as part of our dedicated dev. teams. We have extended Test Automation expertise for both APIs and web/mobile apps, with all tests integrated into our CI/CD pipeline.

Can you provide DevOps and production support?

Yes. We are AWS Advanced Consulting partners with deep expertise in AWS Native and Open Source technologies and tools.  We support all DevOps needs of our clients, from CI/CD set-up and maintenance to production environment 24/7 support. We have extended expertise in cloud migrations and new cloud systems architecture with Docker Kubernetes and infrastructure as a code approach.

Do you offer UI/UX expertise?

We have UI/UX designers who can work on-site with you in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Israel. If you can produce low-fidelity wireframes in MSPowerPoint/Keynote, our remote experts can extend it adding all the UI/UX components. For all our projects, we provide interactive prototype built with Figma& Zeppelin that you can review with the designer on your browser or mobile phone—it looks just like a complete app!

What mobile platforms and technologies you can develop for?

We offer development for iPhone, Android, PWA, Mobile Web with ReactNative, Flutter and IONIC

How do you build server-side apps?

We prefer NodeJS or Java/Spring. Python is also possible, but it is harder to find senior Python devs.

What is your web development expertise?

We build a responsive web UI with Angular.js/React.js/Vue.js, and use ready web-themes to quickly get new apps to the market.

What experience do you have with AWS?

We are certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partners with proven competencies in full stack systems, as well as cloud and database migration with AWS, Big Data and DevOps

Do you provide production monitoring and support?

Yes, we provide 24/7 production monitoring and support services for product installations on AWS, or on our dedicated servers on Constant data center in Virginia.

What does your CTO advisory service include?

We have experienced technical managers and architects on staff who have designed and built a wide variety of successful system and application deployments. As part of our dedicated development team service, we also provide CTO Advisory and oversight that includes:

  • reviewing system requirements
  • selecting the best solution for getting a stable system to market faster
  • building a system architecture in concert with the team and your product technical experts
  • reviewing the solution and progress with the team on a month-by-month basis to ensure the adherence to approved architecture guidelines.

If you ever need consultations for new technologies and systems, you will always have immediate access to our experts.

Working with Startups

What areas of product development process you can cover?

  • Planning: Product technical evaluation, roadmap and estimates
  • Design: UI/UX and graphic design (first low-fidelity wireframes need to be developed by the client)
  • Development: all software development, quality assurance, and launch
  • DevOps and IT Support: 24/7 production monitoring & support
  • Marketing Operations Support: Web and AppStore SEO, ads operations

What is the minimum team we can start with?

Our value is in our competence, experience, and capabilities of setting up motivated development teams who tie their careers with to success of the products they are building.

The minimum team that we can start with consists of

  • 3+ developers
  • 1 DevLead or PM, depending on the client local team and expertise
  • Part-time QA & DevOps services

We need to see a client’s long-term plans for running and extending a remote dev. team to guarantee long-term employee retention.

What experience do you have working with technology startups?

We have built our own technology startups from ideation to acquisition and worked with many early stage and funded Silicon Valley startups. Most of our current clients are technology platforms and funded start-ups where we take on end-to-end development of backend and front-end components.

Would you consider equity compensation?

If we see that our expertise can bring long-term value to your business, we are happy to consider co-founder’s shares in newly formed startups or employee stock options in venture-funded companies.

Can you sign an NDA?

We work on many projects simultaneously. During our first call, we will need to learn about your business area and get a short project description. If there are no conflict with our current projects, we will be ready to execute an NDA before moving to a discussion on any product details.

Can you guarantee team retention for the long-term?

All Bekitzur professionals are full-time employees of the company. We train and invest in our people’s growth. We operate in a very competitive job market for software development professionals. The best way to guarantee retention of key employees is to keep salaries @20% above the market, offer interesting projects and adhere to a professionally managed development process. Our company management will help you with every step.

What happens with my assigned team if our company is acquired?

We set up your development team as a part of your organization, so as to add to your company’s value. We also know how to form and manage a remote subsidiary of your company, as well as how to work through and pass through all the due-diligence process. On most recent company acquisition process was reviewed and approved by
Fenwick & West.

How you usually approach conflicts with agile and pushy start-up founders?

We have been serving Silicon Valley start-ups since 2009. We have been working with early start-ups, helping to achieve build MVPs and go to market, and we have worked with well-funded start-ups who we helped to grow into stable enterprises. We have worked with young entrepreneurs and experienced executives alike. We like to work with clients who have experience in hiring, managing and retaining development teams and who knows what is possible from the technical and organizational perspectives. In addressing misunderstandings that could happen our priorities have always been:

  • Our employees
  • Client’s business
  • Client’s product
  • Client’s personality

Working with Corporate Clients

Do you have experience working with big multinational companies?

Yes. We have delivered successful engagements for GE, International Committee of the Red Cross, Google, Amdocs, Coca-Cola, Adobe, SeaWorld, A&E and more.

What is your company structure?

We are a California corporation with a fully owned subsidiary in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Do you provide BOT option?

Yes. We provide an option to form your own subsidiary, transfer all employees and continue to provision the same managed services.

Can you sign a service reseller agreement with guaranteed on-demand resources availability?

Yes; we require guaranteed minimum annual fees in order to guarantee 15 days’ advanced notice resource availability.

Dedicated Development Teams

What is the minimum team size you can offer for new projects?

Our value is in our competence, experience, and capabilities of setting up motivated development teams who tie their careers with to success of the products they are building.

The minimum team that we can start with consists of

  • 3+ developers
  • 1 DevLead or PM, depending on the client local team and expertise
  • part time QA & DevOps services

We need to see a client’s long-term plans for running and extending a remote dev. team to guarantee long-term employee retention.

Will this team work full-time on my project?

Yes. We believe that great products can only be built when software developers completely understand the product, the market, and the customer. It requires full-time dedication and complete alignment of personal career goals with product success.

Our dedicated development team developers should be a part of your organization. They will also benefit benefits in being in part of our vibrant development center where they can get advice and recommendations for any technical questions.

How quickly you can extend the team?

We operate in a very competitive market. If we can offer a salary that is 20% above the market we can usually add staff to your team within 2 weeks for intermediate level professionals and 4 weeks for senior-level professionals.

What is the best development process to follow with the team?

That depends on the development process in your organization. From our experience, we recommend 2 week sprints with the first 2 days of each sprint dedicated to planning and requirements analysis and last 3 days dedicated to release and bug fixing.

What project management systems do you use?

We prefer Jira for engineering and product teams. We can start with defining the project on our Jira instance and move it to your instance as and when the project grows.

Do you do any code reviews?

Yes. Check
You will have constant access to your project GitHub, Gerrit, and automated code review tools, along with help from our senior developers for finding and fixing any issues with the source code.

Do you use any continuous integration systems?

Yes. Check
All our projects are assembled and maintained by automated build processes (Jenkins or TeamCity) with integrated automated tests.

How can I check the team skills and compatibility before committing to a long-term contract?

The same way you hire any professionals: check references, interview, run test projects. We can also start with short 4-6 week trial projects.

What are the main terms in the contract?

Team size, monthly fees, work for hire, non-solicitation, 30 days advance termination notice from both sides, replacement guarantees by our side, paid annual vacation for full-time team members, no sick days or absence pay, subject to California law.

We are flexible on contract terms with serious clients looking for long-term engagement.


What are the best ways to communicate?

  • Calls: Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Phone
  • PM Systems: Jira, Asana (for light products)
  • Documents: Google Docs, GitHub

What are your development center working hours?

Our team is on GMT+3. Our office hours for working with clients in Israel and NY is 9:00am to 19:00; with clients in California, 10:00am to 8:00pm. Project managers and development leads can handle calls outside office hours.


We hire professionals who want to work with US companies. Our lead developers and project managers have sufficient oral communications skills to speak with clients and peers on conference calls and face-to-face meetings. All developers and QAs have professional level read/write skills to maintain efficient business correspondence. All our internal company communication is in English, we provide free English classes to all our employees.


Can Bekitzur employees come to visit our company offices?

Yes, we can come for 2-to-3 week visits. Coming to the US requires a Business Visa. Some of our employees have such visas; others generally need 30 days’ advance notice to secure a visa via the US embassy. Coming to Israel is easy as there is no Visa requirement. It is 6 hours travel time from our office to TLV airport.

Can our employees visit BeKitzur Dev. Center?

You are welcome! Our Development Center is located in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg.

The city is a known tourist destination with many vibrant restaurants, clubs, historic landmarks and museums to visit. Our clients visiting the center get a private office and an executive assistant who takes care of all travel, business, and personal arrangements.

Saint-Petersburg (LED) is the city’s international airport There are many 4 and 5 stars hotels near our office. For a longer stay, we can offer accommodation in one of our corporate apartments.

BeKitzur, Expert Team

Bekitzur is a global company delivering expert software engineering services, with specialties in technical operations, expert development consulting and dedicated teams for product development execution. Our deep bench of versatile architects, coders and “technologists” gives technology startups the freedom to pursue product vision that delights their customers and rewards their investors.

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